Refrigeration Plate Heat Exchanger with 1 C temperature approaching, Dismountable Insulation Jacket with Drip Tray also included.
Refrigeration Plate Heat Exchanger with 1 oC temperature approaching, Dismountable Insulation Jacket with Drip Tray also included.

Application Data Sheet for Refrigeration Plate Heat Exchanger
Model                  :  ATL60B/129/PN16/316L/NBR
Project:                : 
Item                     :                                                                Date           :  2018/09/22
Fluid                                                                        Water                         Water
Mass flow rate                                            kg/h       8651                           8649
Fluid Condensed/Vapourized                      kg/h       0.000                           0.000
Inlet temperature                                            oC       15.5                             5.5
Outlet temperature(vapor/liquid)                  oC       6.5                              14.5
Operating pressure(In/Out)                         bara       /                                 
Pressure drop(Perm/Calc)                            kPa       50.0/6.09                     50.0/6.10
Velocity Connection(In/Out)                         m/s       0.880/0.878                 0.878/0.880
Heat exchanged                                            kW       90.89
Heat transfer area                                         m2       32.4
O.H.T.C clean conditions                     W/(m2*K)       2875
O.H.T.C service                                   W/(m2*K)       2818
Additional Excess Surface                                 %       2.0
Mean Temperature Difference                          K       1.0

Relative direction of the fluids                                    Countercurrent
No. of plates                                                             129
No. of effective plates                                                127
Number of passes                                                     1                                 1
Extension capacity                                                     41

This is Typical application for “Head Isolation for High Buildings”
In order to save the cost of high pressure fittings for High buildings and their associated static head, whole building could be divide into “Pressure Zones” that are isolated from the main chiller lines with Shineheat plate heat exchanger. The high efficient Shineheat plate heat exchanger will allow the building to be developed with each pressure zone in parallel with Chiller or with each successive zone in series.

Plate Pattern: Refrigeration Plate Series of ATL60B
Plate Material: 0.5mm SS316L,
Gasket Material: NBR


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