Welded Pillow Plate

Thermal Elements for Bulk and Solid Heat Exchanger
SHINEHEAT is specialize in the production of stainless steel welded pillow plate equipment, it's machinery facilities including sawing, bending and trimming, shearing and cutting, welding, pickling and passivating and glass pearl blasting.

Laser Welded Pillow Plate is machinery by full automatic laser welding and forming process. Its unique pillow structure makes fluid into optimum turbulence state to achieve high efficient heat exchange. It also boasts various advantages such as dust proof, high temperature and high-pressure resistance and easy cleaning, etc.

A Pillow plate consists of two plateswhich are fully welded along the sides and ends. In the middle area the Pillow plates are covered with a pattern of spot welds, whose interrelated position decides the level of pressure and type of flow.
For certain applications, we add extra welding paths in order to control the actual flow through the plates. This will increase the velocity of the flow between the plates and change the heat transfer values
The pillow-shaped design creates excellent turbulence and provides a self-supporting construction. Our Pillow plates do not transfer any forces outwards onto the next plate, which would otherwise have to be absorbed by housing pressure plates

Welded Pillow Plate Specification


Standard Size for Welded Pillow Plate
The Standard Width Size for Pillow Plate is 1000/1219/1500 mm, the Width Size is in compliance with Sheel Roll width specifcations from Steel Mill, which is most economical in production;
The Standard 

Double Embossed Pillow Plate
Both Side could engage in heat transfer
Wavy surface, not easy fouling
Material can be stainless steel, duplex stainless steel
Embossed Height could be 1+1mm, 1.2+1.2mm, 1.5+1.5mm, 2+2mm and 2.5+2.5mm


Single Side Embossed Pillow Plate
One side engage in heat transfer, one side is flat.
The Thickness of two Plates is different
Material can be stainless steel, duplex stainless steel
Embossed Height could be 1+2 mm, 1+3 mm, 1+4 mm, 1+5 mm


Usage for Welded Pillow Plates

Pillow Plate Thermal Jacket for Vessel & Tank

Performed as to Cooling Jacket or Heating Jacket, Pillow Plate could be rolled into specific specificiations and forming into different Vessel and Tank for various Heating and Cooling applications.

The Typical Applications

• Beverage processing vessel

• Fermenters, beer vessel, cooking vessel
• Dairy processing vessel

• Pharmaceutical and processing vessel

 • Storage tank

  • Reactor vessel

The Main Parameters for Welded Pillow Plate Thermal Jacket

* Working pressure can go up to > 100 bar
* Jacket thickness varying from 0,8 to > 2,5 mm,
* Vessel thickness from 2,0 to > 20 mm. 
* Standard:
 ASME, AD2000, EN13445 and PED.

Customized Design and Manufacture for Welded Pillow Plates Assembly


The Dimpled Welding Pillow Plate Manufacturing Process (20mm Based Plate with 1mm Inflation Plate Welding)



Harry Warring
Apr 07, 2021
Hi there, I'm looking to build a cylindrical chiller out of pillow plate to be installed into a 1.4m ID (2m long) vacuum chamber. Do you have half-round profiles or cylindrical sections suitable for this? Regards, Harry.
Scott Washko
Feb 17, 2021
Could a pillow plate be cut to a certain size with a half oval shape be used to put behind gas logs to radiate heat from the fireplace?
Jan 01, 2021
We pre-fabricate the Pillow Plate by "Wall+Inflation Plates" which make into the Tank, however, bending and inflation will be done on site.
Dean Rodriguez
Dec 09, 2020
I would like to know if you manufacturer cone bottoms for tanks so with a pillow plate heat exchanger already in place. And or do you just buy the pillow plate and attach it to the cone bottom tank.