SH WAVE Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

SH-WAVE Welded Plate Heat Exchanger is the most flexible and various function counter flow Welded Plate Heat Exchanger in the world

SH-WAVE® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger is tailor made, counter flow corrugated plate heat exchanger sealing by Laser Welding Seam.
Without any filed gaskets and O-ring Gaskets, which apply for Plate Pack’s sealing, SH-WAVE® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger features

* Solid Structure with accessible for service and maintenance;
flexible with tough duty;
Compact with high efficiency.

How does SH-WAVE® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger works?
Like conventional Plate and Gasket Heat Exchanger that uses metal corrugated plates to transfer heat between two counter-flow fluids, each fluid is flowing surface of corrugated plate separately, no any interference and contact.

For Plate and Gasket Heat Exchanger, Each fluid flow route or passage is seal or enclosed by Field Gaskets and O-ring Gaskets, actually the gaskets are vulnerable parts, easier to be damaged by exposing an extreme working condition.
Whereas, SH-WAVE® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger is seal by welding seam, forming into welded plates pack for a 100% gasket-free condition in thermal transfer area.
The plates are compressed together in a rigid frame to form an arrangement of parallel flow channels with alternating hot and cold fluids. Hot and cold fluids are leading by distribution chamber and connection in corresponding side of plate heat exchanger.
The frame is also fastened by numbers of fasten bolts. With a proper saddle, the SH-WAVE® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger is in completed structure.

What are advantages for SH-WAVE® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger?

1. Accessible for service and maintenance, easier to open two sides for Water Flushing

2. Solid Structure make sure durable for long time service 
For SH-WAVE, the bubble-corrugated plate is forming by one time pressing, no extra accessories and welding job engaged, so it has good pressure undertaking configuration; it has less chance to deposit fibrous impurities, less risk for deposit corrosion;
For Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger, the flow channel is supported by numbers of welded support columns, more welding job engaged, so it faces more risks in welding quality and deposit corrosion.

3. Flexible with tough duty, Compact with high efficiency. 
For SH-WAVE, it is counter-flow plate heat exchanger, more flexible and compact structure with high efficiency can realize. Same Capacity, Less Land Area, furthermore, Tailor-made structure can flexibly meet connections and space arrangement on site.

The Main Models for SH-WAVE® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger
SH-WAVE Wide Gap welded plate heat exchanger is suitable for high viscosity fluids, fibrous fluids or fluids with coarse particles.
According to applications, SH-WAVE Wide Gap can be arranged either with Wide-Wide or Wide-Narrow Gaps, offer more flexible combinations.
The main applications for SH-WAVE Wide Gap
  • Sugar Refinery
  • Bioethanol Process
  • Pulp & Paper Plant
Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchangers
In many industrial processes, the transfer of thermal energy is crucial. In order to achieve this, heat exchangers are often used, which are pieces of equipment designed to transfer heat between two fluids without letting them mix. Within the family of heat exchangers, the Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger (WGHE) stands out for its ability to transfer heat in fluids with a high degree of fouling, making it an ideal tool for many industrial processes. In this article, we will delve into the various applications of the Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger, exploring how it is used in diverse industries around the world.

Food and Beverage Industry
In the food and beverage industry, the Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger plays a vital role. Within this industry, WGHEs are used to create and maintain a specific temperature for various process fluids, including juices, dairy products, and sauces. In addition, the WGHE is often used for pasteurization, sterilization, and the continuous cooling of soups and sauces.
For example, in the production of soup, the Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger can be used for the cooling of soup stock between various stages in the production process. In this way, it is possible to keep the consistency, color and flavor of the soup constant, while also avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
Another significant application of the Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger is within the chemical and petrochemical industry. Here, WGHEs are used in a variety of applications, including the heating of viscous fluids, cooling of hot wastewater streams, and the evaporation of solvents.One particular use for WGHEs in the chemical and petrochemical industry is in the processing of viscous fluids, like crude oil. In these processes, WGHEs are used to heat the crude oil to a proper temperature, which is then sent through distillation columns to separate components. in addition, petrochemical companies also use WGHEs to cool the hot wastewater streams coming out of the production process, making it possible to reuse water and reduce overall water usage.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Within the pharmaceutical industry, the maintenance of sterile processes is critical to ensure that the products meet the highest safety and quality standards. This is where Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchangers come in, as they are used for sterilization and pasteurization. In the pharmaceutical industry, WGHEs are used to heat a sterilizing agent, which is then introduced to the medical products, such as syringes, vials, or ampoules. This ensures that the products are sealed and bacteria-free, making them safe for human use.Waste Heat RecoveryIn many industrial facilities, a significant amount of energy is lost in the form of waste heat. The Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger provides one of the most efficient ways to recover this heat for reuse in other processes.For example, in the cement industry, hot gases from the cement kilns are often used to dry the raw material before it is fed into the kiln. By installing Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchangers on the hot gas exhaust ducts, the heat can be recovered from the exhaust gases and used for other purposes, such as generating electricity.

Oil and Gas Industry
Another significant application of the Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger is within the oil and gas industry. Here, WGHEs are used to transfer heat between chemicals, water and oil. For example, offshore drilling platforms use WGHEs to regulate the temperature of production chemicals that are pumped down into the well to prevent it from freezing.ConclusionWide Gap Plate Heat Exchangers are versatile tools that can be used in a wide range of industrial processes. Whether it is for heating or cooling, sterilization or waste heat recovery, it is clear that the Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger is a valuable tool for engineers and operators in a variety of industries. By providing highly efficient heat transfer even in fluids with a high degree of fouling, the Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger contributes to increasing efficiency, reducing waste and overall energy consumption, and improving product quality.

AIR-WAVE Air Cooler
How does air cooler work?
 The thermal transfer is also through corrugated plate by air/gas via water or cooling liquid agent, the flow could be counter flow or concurrent flow depending on duties. Generally high temperature air or gas is passing from Air distributor and Air chamber to surface of transfer plates by hot channels, meanwhile, the cooling water is passing from other side either by cold water channels, the thermal transferring happened through “AIR-WAVE” plates.
How many types of air cooler in common application?
SHINEHEAT can offer two different solutions for air cooler, the main different part is transfer plates, the one is by Welded Pillow Plates, and another is by Corrugated “AIR-WAVE” Plates.
We could offer alternative production according to initial investment, working condition and process situation.

For “AIR-WAVE”, it features compact structure, higher-pressure resistance and flexible structure compatible, it widely apply for Air Cooler, Gas Heater or Flue Gas heat recycle.

“AIR-WAVE” Air Cooler can utilize its structure flexibility to match Gas/Air Inlet special situation on site, also easily access for maintenance and service.

SH-WAVE Condenser

SH-WAVE® welded plate heat exchanger could be Plate Condenser for Vacuum condensation. Welded Plate Condenser Consists of Welded plates pack with plates are all welded together in pairs. Unlike the Gasketed Plate Condenser or Semi Welded Type Plate Condenser, it is free of Rubble and O-Ring Gaskets, this minimizes service and maintenance cost in life span.

Why Choice Welded Plate Heat Exchanger as a Condenser?

Like all SH-WAVE production, it also features a flexible structure compatiblity; it could be tailored-making.
Vertical Installation design is better for steam condensation from Top to Bottom ending up by condensate.
The connection size is also flexible according to application flow rate, which is not limited by Plate Size.
Furthermore, the Plate Corrugation and Gap are specifically design for optimal condensation with an asymmetric design, which a large gap on the steam/vapor side and a small gap on the cooling water side.

"SH-WAVE" Wide Gap, Versatile, Openable Solution for Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Relevant Reference Case
Air with Benzene Cooler apply for Petrochemical Plant




Sean Woo
Jan 20, 2022
SH-Wave is Wide Gap Welded plate and frame heat exchanger, it also could apply for evaporator. You request Plate Pack of 90/180 m2 are for Welded Pillow Plates Pack, am I right?
suresh r
Jan 18, 2022
We are manufacturer of falling film evaporators. we require plate pack of 90, 180 m2 surface area respectively. kindly share information regarding it and availability in India Regards Suresh R Managing Director, Ns3 Projects, Tamilnadu India whats app no : +91 9585988788 suresh@ns3projects.in suresharsslm@hotmail.com