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Service and Replacement Gaskets for HISAKA Plate Heat Exchanger
HISAKA is a well-known manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, widely used in heating and cooling systems in various industries. All plate heat exchangers require regular maintenance and part replacements to ensure consistent performance and prevent system failures.

We will take a closer look at replacement spare parts for HISAKA plate heat exchangers and explore how to choose the right replacement parts for your system.

1. Importance of Replacing Spare Parts
The first and foremost reason to replace the spare parts in your HISAKA plate heat exchanger is to maintain its efficiency and ensure its long lifespan. The heat exchanger can easily get clogged with debris and dirt that develops over time, resulting in decreased performance, higher energy consumption, and excessive wear and tear on internal components. Replacing worn-out parts at the right time can significantly improve its overall efficiency and lifespan.

2. Types of Spare Parts
There are various types of spare parts that are required for HISAKA plate heat exchangers, including gaskets, plates, and frame components. Gaskets are the most common spare parts as they are the first component to wear out. They provide a seal between the plates of the heat exchanger and prevent leakage. Plates are another common component that may require replacement if they develop cracks, corrosion, or other forms of damage. Frame components, such as tie-bars and clamping bolts, are the final group of parts that may require replacement.

3. Choosing the Right Replacement Parts
When it comes to choosing the right replacement parts for your HISAKA plate heat exchanger, there are a few crucial factors that need to be considered. Firstly, it is important to select the parts that are designed specifically for your HISAKA plate heat exchanger model. Generic parts may not fit properly, resulting in system failure and reduced performance. Secondly, always purchase parts from a reputable supplier who has a proven track record of supplying high-quality parts. The supplier should be able to provide the necessary documentation and certifications, such as ISO certificates, to ensure that the parts meet the quality standards. Finally, consider the cost of the replacement parts while keeping quality in mind. Low-priced parts may seem like a good deal, but they may not last long, leading to unexpected repairs and replacement costs in the future.

4. Installation Tips
Proper installation of replacement spare parts is as important as selecting the right parts. It is critical to follow the manufacturers' instructions to ensure that the spare parts are installed correctly. Use only the recommended tools and equipment for installation. Prominently, always use torque Tools and tighten all bolts according to the recommended torque specifications to avoid leaks and other issues.

5. Conclusion
Replacing spare parts at regular intervals significantly improves the performance and lifespan of HISAKA plate heat exchangers. While selecting replacement parts, always choose the parts that are designed specifically for your model from reputable suppliers. It is crucial to install the replacement parts correctly, so following the manufacturer's instructions for installation is paramount. By following these tips, you can improve the longevity and efficiency of your HISAKA plate heat exchanger, resulting in better performance and lower maintenance costs.

Supply List for Gaskets of HISAKA Plate Heat Exchanger


Applicable Material for HISAKA Gaskets

Pre-assembly Plate Heat Exchanger (Plates, Gaskets and Frame Accessories ) for  UX0126B of HISAKA  Gaskets

Unlike other brands of Gaskets for Plate Heat Exchanger, HISAKA has very special design for Gaskets, the Front Gasket, Middle Gasket and End Gasket are in different condition, Like our replacment gaskets for UX135 of HISAKA Gaskets, they have different features in design. So please make sure what's type of gaskets you need to replace when enquiry.

Some type of HISAKA Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets are "Slit-in" Gaskets which is free of Glue in gaskets mounting or assembling. The "slit-in" gaskets are recommended for applications where frequent gaskets replacement is required. Futhermore, the glue odor will be received if without the adding glue. The "Slit-in" Gaskets are suitable for Water Treatment and Food Processing.

"RX31A" Gaskets are typical "Slit-in" Gaskets of HISAKA


Replacement Gasket for HISAKA "LX50A" Model