Spare Parts -Vicarb

Spare Parts for Vicarb Plate Heat Exchanger (No mini order quantity, begin with ONE piece order!)

Identical repalcement Vicarb Plates and Gaskets are available for service and mantainance, Vicarb 100% identical plate heat exchanger also could be customzied produced.
Brand Model  Depth of Groove (mm) Dia. of Plate Hole         (mm) Pitch of Plate Hole
Outline Dimension
Transfer Area       (㎡)
Vicarb V4 3 φ30 430*62 500*125 0.04
V8/VU8 3 φ49 554*100    640*188 0.08
V13 3.5 φ70 625*130 739*241 0.13
V20 3.5 φ70 875*130 989*241 0.2
V28 4 φ100 882*234 1052*393 0.28
V45 4 φ100 1302*234 1472*393 0.45
V60 3.9 φ155 1280*310 1514*540 0.6
V100 3.9 φ155 2000*310 2230*540 1

Applicable Material for Plates of Plate Heat Exchanger 
For raw material steel sheet, SHINEHEAT only select Qualified Steel Mill as specifed as following chart, not allow any low quality raw material in production.
For Specific Material Certificate, please contact with SHINEHEAT to obtain.

Supply List for VICARB Gaskets

Applicable Material for Plates of Plate Heat Exchanger 

Supply Case for VICARB Gaskets
Like V13 and V8 model Gaskets of VICARB,  The Glue Type and Clip-on Type both are available from Shineheat.
In some old models of Vicarb, it used "Ball Clip" Type Gaskets, which clip on the Metal Ball which attachs on the plates. 
Now this type of "Ball Clip" Gaskets are very difficult to replace in view of outdated design, however, we would like to offer a solution for old gaskets replacement.



Sep 06, 2022
I need offer for qty300 plat gasket Vicarb -v13 - ball - epdm